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Mr. Shinsuke Nakano
Mr. Shinsuke Nakano/CEO

Originally from Sapporo, Japan Mr. Nakano is currently 33 years old and is headquartered in the Japanese capital City of Tokyo. In 2008, Mr. Nakano founded AXS Company, Ltd. which focused on the production of infomercials and TV programs and reported profitability within 2 years ($1.7 million during the first year and $4.2 million during the second year). Thereafter he started a venture capital business, which he still focuses amounts of time building as of today’s date. He is well experienced in complex business negotiations and structuring funding instruments for public and private companies.

The companies that he has supported are mostly traded in the emerging markets, junior exchanges such as the U.S. and Canadian Junior Exchanges. Not only does he invest personally, but also participates in the management of companies, including as a financial strategist, investor relations expert, and marketing advisor. He specializes in comprehensive business development and support, not dissimilar to the protocols by which U.S. based Venture Capital Funds support their portfolio companies “human capital” in addition to “financial capital”.

Mr. Takehiro Abe
Mr. Takehiro Abe/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mr. Abe is 33 yeasr old, obtained his Master of Engineering Degree from Nagoya University in 2007, specializing in micro-nano systems. He was then a system engineer at Hitachi, Ltd.  In 2009, he left Hitachi and started his independent practice as a financial planner. Most recently as the president of LDSQUARE Co., Ltd.,

Mr. Abe provided institutional financial consulting and services. He also identified suitable investment opportunities on Japanese and overseas emerging markets.